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Group Profile

Being the very first registered Medical Group in China, Best uniMed locates its headquarter in ShenZhen and co-founded by Chairman of Lin Feng and CEO Xie Rushi in March, 2016. Best uniMed attracts angel investment from Green Pine Capital Partners and New Vision Ventures.

The mission of uniMed is to better serve practitioners and consumers by creating an innovative integrated medical platform with commitments to individual dignity and mutual trust. UniMed has build up a complete company structure and mature management system, monitoring and practicing the unique standard of medical group by medical quality and risks control system, establishing individual and cooperative business base on Icloud health management platform, support clinical diagnosis system by detailised medical health management pattern. Our medical group provides medical services covering 34 specialties.

Our integrated professional network, which consists of family doctors, general practitioners (GP) and eminent specialists. We strive to establish a multi-disciplinary and streamlined healthcare system to satisfy the health care needs of a diversified customer base; and to encourage continuing education among primary care professionals through the eminent specialists-driven hierarchal medical treatment system we advocated.

  • 2007

    2007 Forward the notion of Medical Mall

  • 5

    Establish cooperative medical bases in Shenzhen and Huizhou

  • 34

    34 specialties

  • 300

    300 physicians registered for multi-site practice

Our History

  • March 2016 Company Establishment
    The first medical group to obtain business license in China
  • Received 25 million yuan angle-round funding from Green Pine Capital Partners
    May 2016 Angle-round Funding
  • June 2016 Obtain Medical Institution Practice Lisence
    Became the first medical group to obtain Medical Institution Practice Lisence in China and to provide invoive for medical services, and enjoys tax preference and breaks.
  • Established strategic cooperation with Healthway, the biggest domestic Third party medicalservice platform, promoting medical system reform.
    September 2016 Medical group + Internet
  • October 2016
    Reached direct billing agreement with Taikang Pension(Shenzhen), which will make high-end medical services available to subscribers.
  • 已在深圳、广州、惠州建立6个基层医疗基地
    2016年12月 基层医疗基地
  • 2017年3月 “健康管家”产品发布
  • 获香港新风医疗巨额投资,并正式签署投资协议,新风天域集团成为博德嘉联医生集团大股东。
    2017年4月 获新风天域巨额投资
  • 2017年5月 分级诊疗骨科学组成立