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Health steward

  • Professional health management program
  • Reduce the risk of disease
  • Improve health
  • Change the situation that the patient went to the doctor blindly after showing symptoms

Advantages of a health steward

  • Exclusive
    customized and personalized medical examination scheme
  • Convenience
    collect information from remote consultation
  • Precision
    timely health tracking
  • Priority
    VIP channel --reservation expert
The health butler help you says goodbye to

Worthless medical records and health records

An unscientific diet and exercise management program

Untargeted medical package items

Waiting in line indefinitely for hospital treatment

No reminder or intervention of unhealthy daily behavior

Scope of services

Our team
  • professor Chen qingyu
    General consultant - professor Chen qingyu, chief physician and senior health specialist, sun yat-sen university memorial hospital
  • Expert team
    Multidisciplinary experts provide professional health management programmes
  • Familly doctors
    provide close health management services
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